SatPaq Battery Care/Use Tips

Your SatPaq is powered by a lithium ion battery, which provides high capacity and long life.  The following tips help maximize battery life.

  • Batteries do best when operated and stored at moderate temperatures.  Avoid hot or cold extremes.  Do not leave your SatPaq exposed to direct sun for long periods of time.  If your SatPaq gets too hot, it will not transmit or receive messages until it cools down.
  • Your battery includes protection circuitry to prevent overcharging and deep discharge.  Battery life is maximized when kept charged between 40% and 80%.  When on a trip, charging to 100% and using the full capacity of the battery is fine, but try to avoid leaving your SatPaq in a fully charged or discharged state for long periods.  
  • For best results, use your SatPaq from time to time and check the charge level every two to three months.  Checking the battery charge level is easy using the SpaceLinq app.  In addition, if the charge level falls below 20%, the LED on your SatPaq will flash RED.  This indicates that it’s time to charge your battery. 
  • For extended storage, store your SatPaq in a cool, dry place.
Creation date: 2/4/2021 1:36 PM      Updated: 2/4/2021 1:36 PM