SpaceLinq can’t find my SatPaq. (list)

•          Be sure your SatPaq is charged and close by.

•          Turn off Bluetooth through your phone’s settings and then turn it back on.

•          If that doesn’t work, firmly press the reset button on the back, bottom right corner of your SatPaq. An amber light flashes in the "Q"               on the front and then blinks blue several times.

•          If that doesn’t work, turn the phone off and back on.

•          If that doesn't work and your phone is paired to multiple devices, try removing any paired devices that you may no longer use. If                     you unpair some devices, be sure to turn your phone off and back on. 

•          On occasion, SpaceLinq may pair with another device via Bluetooth. In this case, move several hundred feet from your current
         location. Repeat the steps above. Then tap the battery icon on the SpaceLinq screen and tap 'Select SatPaq'.  

Creation date: 6/21/2019 10:52 AM      Updated: 6/21/2019 11:07 AM