I can get the satellite icon in the circle, but the bars at the bottom are all gray.

The SatPaq requires a clear view to the satellite to send and retrieve messages. The SatPaq can send and retrieve messages through light foliage and cloud cover but can have trouble with dense foliage. For ideal results, you need a clear view of the sky.

To find out if your view is obstructed, use SatView:

  •  Tap the options button in the bottom right corner of the SpaceLinq screen.
  •  Tap the SatView icon which opens your phone’s camera.
  •  Point your phone at a 45 angle to the horizon.
  •  Follow the directions on the screen until you see a dashed line.  
  •  Continue following the dashed line until you see a red dot and the name of one of the satellites. 
  •  Continue following the dashed line right or left until you see the second red dot.

If there is an obstruction between you and the satellite (e.g., a mountain), tap the unhighlighted icon to communicate with the other satellite.
Creation date: 9/25/2018 7:12 PM      Updated: 12/3/2018 8:33 PM