How do I pair my phone to my SatPaq? (list)

Your SatPaq must be paired with your phone to communicate via Bluetooth. This should happen automatically when you log in the first time. However, if the battery icon in the upper left corner has a "?," you need to pair. 

To pair your phone to your SatPaq:

  1. Tap the battery icon.
  2. Tap Select SatPaq... (in the middle of the screen).
  3. When the Select SatPaq... screen opens, wait a moment.
  4. Tap the line with the SatPaq serial number that matches the serial number on the back of your SatPaq.
  5. A message box briefly appears – Selecting #####.
  6. A second message box appears – ##### successfully selected. Tap "OK" to close.
  7. Tap the back arrow (<) to return to the SatPaq Information.

Creation date: 9/25/2018 6:52 PM      Updated: 12/8/2018 1:23 PM